Sander Baan Quartet (HD)

02.03.2018 (21:00)


Jazzhaus Heidelberg, Leyergasse 6

Sander Baan Quartet


Sincere, boundless and direct. Heartscape is a personal exploration of our inner world, a landscape of the heart. That which can not be said in words, is expressed in eight wordless songs, together forming an emotional landscape. Spanning from the dephts of heartbreak to the peaks of euphoria, this landscape pictured by the Sander Baan Quartet is easily recognizable, inviting the listener on an exploration of their own.


Musically, the album takes different directions. The atmospheric title track heavily contrasts the explosive rock of Space Invaders while the tribal grooves of Unchained collapse in the heartbreaking notes of Never Goodbye and Can I go home now? Although it is clear that the band is firmly rooted in the jazz tradition, Heartscape undeniably leans towards rock. This results in a combustible mixture of energetic grooves, lyrical passages and explosions of raw power.


Sander Baan/saxophone, Sander Thijsen/piano, Jonathan Nagel/bass, Wieland Möller/drums


All compositions by Sander Baan except "I didn't expect to like you", "Casual Superhero" and "Northern Sun", by Jonathan Nagel. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Fattoria Musica by Steffen Lütke, between November 2016 and April 2017. Distribution by Timezone Records.




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